Microsoft Windows pre-certification

We will take the burden of running MS HW qualification tests off your hands. We will work with you to fix any product related issues and package the test results so that they are ready to be submitted to Microsoft for certification

Automatic regression testing

Is your product(s) still running without problems when there are new OS updates or patches released? Do you incorporate software bugs reported by your customers into your regression test suite?   Give us a call and we will help ensure your product(s) continues to perform at a high quality level with new OS platform releases and/or software updates

Test management consulting

Is your product quality in chaos? Are you running out of time to test? Do you find the right problems at the right testing cycles?  Do you need to establish (on-shore/off-shore) test team? Are you thinking about outsourcing certain portions of your product development/testing cycles? Whatever it is, we are here to help.  Give us a call and we will help you make the right decisions

Interim Project Manager

Is your project running behind schedule? exceeding the original estimated cost? coordinating nightmare across business units? Un-predictable on the project completion date? Our project managers can help to get your project(s) back on track.

On-shore, Off-shore or Near-shore

Not sure what would be the best option to reduce the cost of your development or sustaining projects ? Give us a call to discuss your situation and we will work with you to provide you with the best option to outsource your project to reduce cost, increase quality and still meet the market windows

Competitive benchmark

How does your product(s) stack up against the competitors? Do you know which areas of your product(s) need to be improved to beat the competition? We can help identify your product’s weakness and improve its performance

Performance testing and tuning

Is your product ready for prime time? Do you have best practice guide for tuning your product so that it can run at the highest possible performance level? Give us a call and we help you achieve the specific performance goals for your product(s)

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